Haiku poems about nature

Haiku poems about nature best 19

About nature poem
About nature poem

Haiku poems about nature

Book worms has no care for weather

There was a pleasant climate,

 Black cloud floating in firmament,

Nominal drizzling through which,

However, tone able to listening.
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A lecturer inserted into +2 class,

With the hope of enjoy weather,

so as To not delivered lecture about study,

Rather, carrying beat about bush,

Haiku poems about nature |

About nature poem |
But sir, As just entered the class,

All expectations shattered promptly,

While one student ask problem akin to Study after another,

consistently it is on,
About nature poem | About nature poem |

All this contrary with the visit on bysir,

some ask about paper & someRegarding numerical accounting ?

Thus, Cleared up all problems by sir.
Haiku poems about nature

However, ray of hope existed tillThe last minute of period,

That anyOne may start the topic of weather,

But no one student commenced it.
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Rather, All students ‘re absorbed inGrasp the clearty of numerical sum,

Thus, period consuming and carry on,

Students & drizzling corresponding it.

Haiku poems about nature
All is happening under black clouds,Due to which,

Rather mostly invisible,As sir leaved the class,

he concludedBook worm no care for pleasure weather. 

|Whereas, everyday minor test would be takenSo,

one day might be devoted to climate,

That was not done by book worms,

perhaps They’re turned into habitual as book worms.
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About nature poem
About nature poem
About nature poem
About nature poem

About nature poem | About nature poem |  This poem describes about the book worms. Who are most interesting in studying whereas not interested around themselves. But enjoy environment is rare opportunity on mother earth. Which is provided by off and on through nature. So, such opportunity must be enjoyed by considering bless of mother earth.

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