poems about romance

No view of love

No View of Love

There are two lovers 
But beloved never avow, 
Rather no exertions pay,
No little nod also bear out.
But lover always absorbed 
In each attempts to convey
Alone through eyes path,
But unable to explain away.
Even if, eyes touch occasionally, 
Both lover and beloved, 
Whereas sentiment must be
Deduced by both of them.
Lover always feel for and,
Ask after at every occasion,
But no such points viewed,
By beloved unintentionally. 

Since time pass through,
All exertion wasted on, 
Poor beloved unable to 
Hunt for the view of love.
However, lover side stick at,
Until now, whether beloved
Exhausted her love, but poor
Lover awaiting her still today.

Who lay down his love, 
Hunt out her warmth love, 
Insist on about his true love, 
Knock around still his love.

9:38pm  04/04/2020
poems about romance
poems about romance

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