Champagne poetry lyrics

Champagne poetry lyrics best 01

       Beauty of words poem appreciate words who decorated the poem structure in the poetry body. Champagne poetry lyrics able to read from the core of heart.

                  Beauty of words 

Whether many traders here,
    Who deals with love faces regularly,
                                     That attractive without get through,
                                   However, done more without exertion,
Champagne poetry lyrics 
Paint to eyes, whereas no has colour,
But, seemed such trader for animals,
  Who stay on their perception,
                                       And alone faces keep in mind,
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                                  No one trader believe in words,                                                                             But every beauty evince by its words,                                                                       Rather than it’s face and health,                                                                           Whether, speakless nature has no words
 However, speaks silence by itself,
 What need to attention for mystery,
 Rather, words appreciating more beauty,
  That has power to make of anybody,
Champagne poetry lyrics |
Conveyance all matters of lives,
 No beauty can judge alone by faces,
Beauty always need some words,
 No beauty exist, unless by words,
Thus , Beauty survives through words,
Whose scents scatter on earth by  self,
So,No beauty can compare except words,
Because words scatter always rightness,
Whether, dilettante has good or bad impact,
 Words always unfathomable ocean of beauty,
Words always adhesive to beautiful world,
As nature and literature described by words.
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This poem describes about beauty of words. Which is rather silent however speaks itself by nature. BEAUTY OF WORDS always adhesive to beautiful world which helpful to describe nature and literature importance.

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