Difference between Shivratri and Mahashivratri festival best 01 : Answer

What is the difference between Shivratri and Mahashivratri festival. This article describes it thoroughly based on the mahashivpuran and Vedas.

Difference between Shivratri and MahaShivratri

To understand the difference between Shivratri and Mahashivratri, it is necessary to know the Vedas. According to Shivratri Mahashivpurana, Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha falls one day before Massya every month. Thus there are 12 Shivratri festivals in a year. Lord Shiva fulfils every wish of those fasting on this day. By worshipping on this day, all sorrows are removed. This festival is celebrated every month by the Leelas of Shiva.

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As we all have heard the story of ocean churning. During the churning of the sea, many valuable objects were extracted from the sea. Poison also came out with those valuables. Which was very dangerous for all rakshasas, gods and humans. As the drops of that poison began to fall on the earth, all human beings and animals began to perish. Seeing all this, all the gods and demons started begging Lord Shiva. Oh God, the Sustainer of all, save us from this deadly poison. Otherwise the whole earth will be destroyed.

Hearing their request, Lord Shiva himself drank all the poison for the welfare of the entire caste of the earth. Due to which Lord Shiva’s throat turned blue. For which all the gods and demons called Lord Shiva by the name of Neel Kanth. This day was also the Chaturdashi day of Krishna Paksha. Lord Shiva’s Shivratri falls every month from that day. And people praise and worship him on this day, since then every month this holy day is celebrated as Shivaratri.

difference between shivratri and MahaShivratri

The day of Mahashivratri was the day when Lord Shiva and Adi Shakti came together. This incident happened when Lord Shiva was married to Parvati, daughter of King Him and Queen Maina of Himachal. That day was the Chaturdashi day of the Krishna Paksha of Phagan month. This day is considered very sacred. On the day Mother Adi Shakti and Lord Shiva got united. In the joy of this day, people sang a religious song and worshipped Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati.

Pleased by their worship and praise, Lord Shiva blessed the people. That day came to be called Mahashivratri. On which day even today people keep fast and receive blessings. People use this day to get a son and get good fortune. This is how Shivratri is celebrated every month. And Mahashivratri comes only once in a year. The result of which is equal to the remaining 12 Shivratris for those who worship on this day.

Now you will be able to understand the difference between Shivratri and MahaShivratri.

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