Happy birthday poem

Happy birthday Poem 11

This happy birthday poem describes to those person who is well known among their relationship but no one wish him on his birthday.

       Unusual day 

No crowd near me,

No wishes around me,

But crowd has found,

Also seen wishes flown,

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Whereas many friends,

Relationship and family,

Who could sufficient

But no one aware my day,

Only vacant expectations

Viewing their paths,

Who could met to gratify,

But a staying like skeleton,

I didn’t see a hustle,

Rather i bought kitcat,

For the gaining wishes,

But no one ahead me,

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When i begin to hand out,

A crowd appeared ahead,

That contain many children,

Who seize chocolate from mine,

Many wishes are being conferred,

Although they don’t know my birth day,

However happy birthday wishes playing role,

On bare paths who is waiting since morning,

A believe broke out,

 While an auspicious soul doesn’t come here,

 On whose black-eyes seem to be awareness,

 That couldn’t come on this exceptional day.

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