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Happy vaisaki images

happy vaisakhi images

 Vaisakhi Revives Grief

Though lockdown was surviving yet,

However, no deficiency was found,

To expression that lies in idle mind,

All what, related to Vaisakhi festival.     Happy vaisaki images 

Vaisakhi expelled it’s colour by grief,

People ready to hustle and bustle

Whether for frying foods in home,

Whereas to affliction for jalayawala bagh.

There was a small family in village,

That contained one oldest father

With three brothers out of which,     Happy vaisaki images 

Two well educated & one addictive.

Happy vaisaki images Happy vaisaki images

But no bless with mother accompany,

 On the same day no manslayer expected,

 Eldest brother go away for milk,

Now Whereas in mood of irritation remain two.

Some murmuring answer for fall out with,

Both lay about on each other by weapons,

As bill hook, knife through cut throat,

No one present home except oldest father,

Who poor trying for end off to their

Quarrel, but unable to cool down them,

Rather poor, got wound on left arm,

Just at turn to call in neighbours.

Baisakhi images
Happy vaisaki images

Justly few had arrived for help but little control Now completely captured by injury

Both went to peak of fierce by just, While at eldest brother approached.

Too heartily felt sorrow by happening

Ahead, whereas some angry carry away

With the help of efforts of neighbours,

Only tears come out from painful eyes.

However, draw out the value of grief,

What floating across the world wide,

As seemed revives massacre by Vaisakhi,

whereas people get along frying snacks.

happy vaisakhi images

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  By Hira Lal Boot

For more Poetry on vaisaki you can visit on LinkedIn.com

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