How to post poetry on Google, Facebook and Instagram for best 1?

How to post poetry on google?
How to post poetry on Google?
How to post poetry on google?

There are many ways through which we can post poetry on google. Just need to recognize these methods to post poetry on google. Everyone would like to express their writing work before the mass audience. But without google perhaps it may be difficult to spread author work. Because recognition takes some time to mark the author’s work. So google can be helpful to push author work across the world through various methods. But however it depends upon the choice of the poet. These methods are as follows.

  1. By others website :-  By reaching other websites that are searching in google search engine, any poet who would like to post their poem on google they can visit on such websites as like,, poetry foundation after reaching they can submit their poems for publication across the world.

  1. By creating their own website :- By creating their own website any poet can post poems on their own website. Such websites can be created in wix, blogger, hostinger and so on companies. By searching such websites into google search engine your poetry work will be floating across the world. 

  1. Online poetry magazine :-  Today many poetry magazines publish their work online. Any poet who would post their poem into google search can submit their poems in such a magazine. Which are searched into google search online.

  1. By education institute :-  Many institutes are engaged in publishing poetry literature that are searchable into google search. Thus, any poet who would like to publish their work across the world can submit their work to such an institute.

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Thus, any poet who would like to post their poetry into google search they can post with the help of above mentioned methods. Which may be some free methods as well as some paid methods.

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