LOHRI 2022: Lohri in Punjab

Lohri 2022: Lohri in Punjab
Lohri 2022: Lohri in Punjab 

Lohri 2022: Lohri in Punjab

Let us know about the Lohri festival and what people of Northern India do. How do they celebrate this festival? 

This lohri festival falls in the month of Poh winter months in which winter is on the top. Winter is felt by everyone because goosebumps show Winter ‘s power. Light of the sun also comes out after 1:PM through the fog. As these days are the fog, mist, and cold breeze. Most people know the prestige of this festival across India. Rather many are excited to know about this festival and celebrate it in Punjab. 

Same like the daily life many people begin this day with the paying devotion to gurdwara, temple and worship to their respective gods. Zeal and excitement is reflecting on the face of every individual. Happiness and enjoyment is floating everywhere around us. 

All the youngest people are still waiting for this festival. Every youth fills with happiness on this day. The sky is filled with kites which are flown by different people of the local origin of Punjab particularly. Rather there are so many people who visit Punjab for the purpose of celebrating this auspicious festival as well as to realize its enjoyment. 

Religion, Rituals and importance of Lohri

How is Lohri celebrated in Punjab? 

Rituals & custom: culture of Punjab contains, Demand and asking foods as well as grains items by children 

Some children in the village culture demand some food things for earnings to their joyment. As they go door to door asking for food, after it is collected they sell it with local shops. During this collection they sing some songs concerning lohri and many people enjoy it and they give some food to them. As Dulla Bhatti wala,  De mai atta chona,  lori-lori veera chariya ghori, akho mudiyo fat-fatiya, etc. Some home people give some money, popcorn, sweets, gajak, fry gram, Til, peanuts to these teenagers. Everybody at this festival wears new clothes and jackets due to the too fierce winter. 

Flying kites, dance on DJ and music  custom 

Every roof is filled with a crowd who enjoy and entertain with many activities during this festival. Whether it may be kites, dance and music parties in all family groups of people. 

Many people on this day fly kites on the roof of their homes. A large amount is spent upon the thread and kites. Many markets are Decorated which you can see on this day in different regions of North India. All roofs are crowded with the youngest boys who fly kites on this day. Some people entertain with music who engage a DJ corresponding to the flying kites on their roof’s. However,  some people consider this bad due to noise pollution. Many younger boys buy a bundle ( known as Gattu ) of threads to fly kites on this occasion. These gattu colors are different types. However, some habitual people used to drink alcohol, wine and rum to enjoy this festival. Which addiction tends to push them to crazy crying on their roof. Which can easily be listened to on this auspicious day. 

What is Cooked on this festival ?

All people would like to take different tastes on different items on this occasion. Almost in northern India like Punjab and Haryana cook Panner curry, paneer chhole, greens , pooriya and kheer. Which is prepared from the juice of sugarcane. But Almost everyone eats it on the next day as on maghi. Which is known as maghi mela. This kheer is the famous food of Punjab culture on the occasion of lohri. Mostly kheer of sugarcane’s juice is famous. In which many different types dry foods also used. 

Religion, Rituals and importance of Lohri

Bhaji distribution custom 

Thus the custom of bhaji is concerned with the Lohri.  On which day many people provide bhaji to their daughter’s home where she is married. Then, on this day many people distinguish such bhaji to their neighbors and relatives for being the celebration of happiness. This bhaji contains different things like khajura, Bundi,  patase, laddu, mathe and peanut. This shows the symbol of old culture of Punjab. Perhaps this culture only exists in Punjab regions. Which is a symbol of intersecting relationships among different people of any society.

Thus, we can feel proud of our cultural rituals and customs of the country and religion of Punjab. Which shows its richest culture across the world level. Because it’s unique in their rituals and culture. So, let’s promise as we are Indian and Punjabi to be bound to keep such a rich culture of Punjab. Which may be followed by our next generation of this country. 

Lohri 2022: Lohri in Punjab
Lohri 2022: Lohri in Punjab 

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