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Love poem with Rhyme

Love poem with Rhyme | Love poem with Rhym

Love poem with Rhyme
Love poem with Rhyme 

Love poem with Rhyme |

                  Love and drops 

One side going on drizzling, 

So, heavy drops exhausted soil by wetness, 

So, little water drops go through, 

The roof’s soil like as fall in. 

Love poem with Rhyme |

A exhausted lover sit under such roof, 

Beside his beloved memories, 

As thinking hunger for her, 

But, No shaking with drops sparking. 

Love poem with Rhyme |

Whether, come between 

By roof drops into his memories, 

However, he absorbed in his beloved, 

And remain cool down. 

Love poem with Rhyme |

By coincidence, 

A call came from his beloved, 

what bring around to him, 

That done away with his beloved memories

Love poem with Rhyme |

Now his conscious eyes fallen, 

Upon his luggage, 

what all moistured by drops sparking, 

But, nothing with his left except wet such luggage. 

Love poem with Rhyme |

Call cut by lover with promptly, 

And get ready to escaping luggage from, 

falling drops, Rather he cheered up with her phone call, 

what cleared off her memory at such cruel crisis. 

4:20pm 29/04/2020

Love poem with Rhyme
Love poem with Rhyme 

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