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Freedom fade away

Poems about love for him
Poems about love for him |

Freedom fade away 

Mostly all people have corral,

While at the grief of carona c19,

In view of go down horror crisis,

Whether carry out govt mandatory,

Freedom fade away, fade away…

Curfews no allow of freedom, 

All being while at draw away, 

Due to locked up in homes, 

All actions cool down by manual,

Freedom fade away, fade away…

However, Freedom remained for

birds at world wide hazardous

Evil, whereas no little attention 

That hold on their joyful, but being 

Freedom fade away, fade away…..

Perhaps, peoples neglect that no 

Freedom at hands of their rather,

Set for God’s willingness that look into,

That whole favours of birds, but being 

Freedom fade away, fade away…..

Since, decision making of freedom, 

Describes by the book of nature,

Whose every page inscribed words 

Concerned freedom, but covetous being, 

Freedom fade away, fade away……

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Poems about love for him |

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