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Sweet smiling of Mahatma Budh

Sweet smiling of Mahatma 


Silence is remained around statue,

Whether a crowd of people around, 

Who absorbed in gazing at statue,

Eyes of them stayed by meekly. 

With peering they thrilled on, 

Even if, souls stirred but eyes still,

Stand out tranquil around about,

Environment as put across it’s truth.

By little sway, however 

They found a sweet smiling of

Mahatma Budh’s statue, 

What send out by itself.

 Statue seems as the ocean of 

 Peace what is waiving by its tides,

That rinse faces of devotees, who

 Rejoice by dives into peace ocean.

Seemed as just like deviant ,

Who neglected themselves, 

And carrying on watching, 

Due to peace drizzling on devotees.

All devotion take up with, 

No one wish tear away from 

Sure peace, What everyone pay  

life’s worth  to search for peace.

11:50pm  28/06/2017

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This poem describes about the smiling of Mahatma Budh. What able to sprinkle of peace across the devotees crowd. So, read and enjoy this poem about spirituality Lord of Mahatma Budh.
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