Poems about love and pain

Disruption of sun

Poems about love for him |
Poems about love for him

            Disruption of sun

          Poems about love for him

As just dawn break with black Clouds, 

What begun to floating in arena of sky,

Alone black shade scatter on earth, 

 No as drizzling as well as drops falling, 

All birds and love & beloved relish,   

              Poems about love for him

But a one side lover drowned into his love. 

Whereas, other couples rejoice such pleasance, 

Poems about love for him
Poems about love for him

 However, exhausted lover adhesive beloved memory,

But, No his beloved beside him,

         Poems about love for him

Anyhow, he seemed her beside him,

Day being passed under shade of black clouds,

 As turn of evening to come with sun rays,

Justly disrupted into his beloved memory,

          Poems about love for him

  All series of memory broken with intense ray,

Thus, No took rejoice whole day by one side lover, 

  No considerate on his one side love by nature. 

Not long let allow him enjoy by sun.

5:20pm   31/05/2020

Poems about love for him
Poems about love for him

Poems about love for him

This poem describes about the exhausted lover who would like to enjoy his beloved memory under the cloud shade. But sun interrupts his memory. So, read and enjoy it also tell about poem through comments section & share it further on your what’s app link te or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest or LinkedIn following icons. 
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