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Lust For Money

Poems about love for him |
Poems about love for him |

Lust  For  Money 

No one has thirst for water,
No one has hunger for food,
No one has devotion to God, 
No one has devotion to relationship,
Alone lust remain for money. 

     Everyone thirst for money,
     Also hunger asks for money,
     All concentration stay on money,
     Core of heart adhesive to money,
  That relation’s devotion turn to money.

But anyway, water, food, relative and,
Nature too essential than money,
Since, money answer for our devotion,
To hindrance our relationship & love.
Money stiction fade away all this. 

Many times, forget thirst while earning money,                                                              Avoid hunger many a time while on duty,
   No let allow for any attention to enter in mind,
    All stiction keep on earning money at duty,
    No memory keep it up about around except money.

Availed opportunity for money,
Rather lost all other scope, 
Only remember money way,
Neglected all other scope & way,
Resistance to sights and think except money. 

9:10pm  27/06/2017
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     Poems about love for him

            Read this poem and enjoy it what describes about the lust of money also express your view regarding money through comments. 

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