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Light of spirituality

Religious poems | religious poems for Christmas
Religious Poems 

Religious poems 

            Light of spirituality 

This light is known as immortal, 

Behind then end of life,

What rather able to lead 

Way of life to destination. 

                  Religious poems 

 Avoid All discrimination and frauds,

 As well a root of ignorance, 

 Sow a seed of fairness and honest, 

 Live for virtue of life with joyfully. 

                  Religious poems 

Providing know-how to be perfect,

Enlightening the soul’s confidence, 

Earn up the credit of respect, 

Survives morale by high head.

           Religious poems 

 Open the way of natural success,     

  outstanding and best fills to life,

  Leads about negativity & positive 

  Let in positivity and hold off negative. 

                 Religious poems 

Collects extreme love at always, 

Removing opponent and enemy,

Enlarge the pleasance of relationship, 

Keep humble up by life of spirituality.

                  Religious poems 

  Give away honesty at all path,

 Go ahead sans fall out with anybody, 

 Rather, enter into everybody help out,

  Thus, let through life by look around. 

2:35pm    25/06/2017

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Religious poems 

Religious poems
Religious poems 

       Religious poems  This poem describes about the spirituality of life. What asks each life. Read it And pray to nature for lifting soul. Tell through comments about your expectations regarding spiritual. 

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